About Us

The Goodnessmart Philosopy

At Goodnessmart we believe that every man should aspire to become the  best version of himself and reach his maximum potential in areas of life such as health, wealth, love and happiness. We embrace traditional ideas about masculinity such as men being a provider and being physically assertive. Our philosophy aims to rekindle the flame in relationships between men and women as well as to help men enjoy what life has to offer more deeply and help them leave a legacy.

How We Do It

Goodnessmart will help men reach their potential by means of high quality apparel and accessories as well providing articles and videos that inform men on ways to improve confidence, health, looks and other topics on raising quality of life.

Who We Are

Goodnessmart was founded by two guys, my father (Eddie Vicenty) and I (Eric Vicenty) who not only wanted to create a business that brought value to peoples lives through fashion but through providing practical tips for men who seek to create happiness for themselves and those around them.